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Austin Technology Group (ATG)

The cost of IT management can be a small company’s downfall – especially if it isn’t handled right. A constant drain on your financial resources, workstation and network maintenance can slow you down and shift your focus away from more important priorities – slowing your momentum and keeping your business from growing the way that it should.

Spend your time and financial resources on the priorities that matter to your business. While we take care of the rest.

Thanks to the rising costs (in terms of both time and money) of in-house IT management, more and more small businesses choosing to outsource their tech support instead. At ATG, we’ll take the whole enchilada off your plate -- getting and keeping your business up and running, while you focus on what really matters.

We Are Your Total IT Management Solution.

For one affordable monthly fee, we will manage all of your workstation, network and technical infrastructure needs – troubleshooting and making repairs as needed. We will monitor your systems for security threats and minimize your risks; and we’ll offer proactive solutions to help you avoid common pitfalls as you grow. We’ll also help you keep your eye on the big picture, as you budget and plan for your company’s successful future.

Austin Technology Group: Your Complete IT Management Solution.

Don’t waste your company’s time, money or valuable resources on in-house IT management when a better, cheaper and more convenient solution is at hand! Give ATG a call today and let us help you get on the road to an easier, more profitable and much more productive future for your business. We are ready to take your call!